Benefits of Using Cork Wallpaper

January 6, 2019

Interior Design and Decorating

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When decorating your home, using cork wallpaper is a great choice for many different reasons. Cork is a great texture that changes the entire feel of a room and can be used in a variety of diverse places. Whether you implement cork wallpaper in a game room or office, you can be sure that it will be a durable choice that doesn’t expand, peel, or fall off the wall. Cork wallpaper can be pasted quickly (the wall is actually pasted rather than the backside of the cork), and it can be measured to exact and precise numbers without fear of expansion, such as is the case with paper materials.

Cork wallpaper is also environmentally friendly, so one can have a healthy conscience and not worry about contributing to climate change when using it. Cork wallpaper is basically made from the bark of a specific oak tree that regrows without killing the tree, so it is a replenished resource that doesn’t hinge upon the leveling of trees or the farming of new ones that tend to destroy forestry ecosystems. It’s a natural product, although part of its bonding process includes the use of synthetic fibers and pulp. Cork itself, however, is a natural fiber that is heat resistant, which makes it a great choice for your walls or floors.

Other great factors that make cork wallpaper an excellent choice for home décor include the fact that not all cork looks the same. There are many designs from which to choose, each one making a unique decorative statement according to your needs. There are also variations on shading and thickness of the cork used, which lends itself to presenting a choice between textures and shades. You can easily use cork to enhance other aspects of your home’s décor, contrasting it with other walls, floors, ceilings, or certain kinds of furniture in any given room.

Cork wallpaper is stable and easy to install, and usually is not very easily contaminated by fungi or mildew – it’s very seldom, and in extreme conditions, that cork wallpaper will actually be privy to rot. If you do use cork in an office or child’s room, you may find that it functions well as a place to pin up papers, posters, and other assorted items without actually damaging the wallpaper itself. Cork can also absorb sound, which may be a great idea for a game room where loud video games are played or movies and music are enjoyed on a regular basis.